Guide: How to Enjoy Your KaffeBox Advent Calendar to the Fullest

You’ve got the calendar, and now the real fun begins – making the most of this coffee experience throughout December!

Tip #1: Take your time to taste each coffee.

We know this time of year is crazy busy, but still: Find a time of day where you can sip slowly and really experience the flavors and smells. Writing down what you taste, smell and like about each one can help you remember what you enjoy.

Tip #2: Use 12g of coffee for every 200g of water.

Keeping things consistent helps you compare different coffees better.

Tip #3: Try your coffee at different temperatures.

See how it changes the taste. As coffee cools, its flavor profile undergoes changes, which lead to the emergence of new flavor notes and aromas.

Tip #4: Drink from an open cup

Approximately 80–90% of what we perceive as “taste” is in fact due to our sense of smell.

The aroma is a key part of the tasting experience, so you’ll be missing out if you drink from a travel mug.

Tip #5: Don’t throw away the tubes!

You can use them again next year for another advent calendar, or as lightweight tubes to carry coffee beans.

Some of these seem obvious, but we want you to have a great experience with the calendar, so let this serve as your reminder.

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