2019 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Roasters

12 Scandinavian artisan coffee roasters
24 single origin specialty coffees

2019 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Roasters

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Scandinavian Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

1.495 kr 1.395 kr

Early bird pricing available until Nov 1. 2020

Included: 24 advent canisters (50g / tube) of single origin, whole bean specialty coffee, roasted to order.  In order to ship the freshest coffee possible, the calendar will be sent in 3 shipments of 8 tubes each on the following dates:

2020 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Shipping Schedule
Nov 19: First 8 packages (Dec. 1-Dec. 8)
Nov 26 : Second 8 packages (Dec. 9- Dec. 16)
Dec 4: Third and final shipment (Dec. 17-Dec. 24)

Price includes worldwide shipping
NOK 1495 | USD 164 | GBP 127 | EUR 148
(approximate currency conversion)

Free shipping within Norway for customers with active KaffeBox subscription

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much coffee is included in each day of the calendar?

Each day of the advent calendar contains 50g of whole bean coffee.This is enough to make 4-5 cups of coffee.

Can you send the Coffee Advent Calendar as a single shipment instead of 3 separate shipments

Yes, we are happy to send the calendar as a single shipment.At checkout, you should find an option to have the coffee sent as a single shipment via DHL

If you choose to have your advent calendar sent as a single shipment, it will be sent on Dec 5 when all the coffee has been roasted.

What types of coffee are included in the calendar?

We aren’t going to ruin the surprise, but we can say that we’ve got lots of great coffee lined up. We ask the roasters to pick something special, interesting and super tasty. That is what you can expect. We also make sure to surprise you with a couple days of Geisha.

If that isn’t enough information, you can look what we sent out in the previous year’s Specialty Coffee Advent Calendars
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Can I still order the calendar, even though it is late?

Yes, if you order the calendar after Nov 20 (when the first set of 8 days is shipped) your Advent Calendar will be sent out as soon as the order is placed.


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Spesialkaffe Adventskalender