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Great service overall, happy to have kaffebox.
I received my first edition of Tasty Box today. The presentation is marvellous. The package contains six beautiful metal tubes with screw tops (all different colours), an informative brochure and a ballpoint pen. The coffee selection ist top-notch, the best varieties one can buy. I don't want to spoil any more for customers who haven't received theirs yet.
I haven't had the time to brew some but I know it will be delicious.
Absolutely PERFECT communication and service from Tyler: quick, professional, informative, courteous. Quick (almost instantaneous!) delivery, executed perfectly,
Kaffebox is just Fantastic ,
Good collection of products. Quick delivery. I had wrongly ordered something, contacting them and returning the product was an easy and seamless experience.

2024 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Roasters

12 Scandinavian artisan coffee roasters

24 single origin specialty coffees

Roasters shown are from the 2023 advent calendar.
2024 roasters are yet to be finalized

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Roasters

jacu coffee

Advent Calendar – Full Details

What you’ll receive in the Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar
24 x 50g packages of freshly roasted, whole bean specialty coffee – individually numbered for each day of advent. The coffee will be roasted by 12 of the top craft coffee roasters in Scandinavia, 2 coffees from each roaster. Each day features a unique single origin coffee. Details of each day’s coffee will be revealed on the KaffeBox website and Facebook page on the day it is to be brewed.

Shipping – Free shipping worldwide (*EU shipping extra)
We want to provide you with the best possible opportunity to taste each days selection. In order for the beans to stay as fresh as possible, we’ll be shipping the advent calendar in two shipments of 12 canisters each.
The shipping dates are as follows:

Shipping immediately 🎉
Nov 17: First 12 canisters (Dec. 1-Dec. 12)
Nov 24: Second 12 canisters (Dec. 13- Dec. 24)

  • EU customers 
    Price includes all taxes and import fees (ships from within the EU)
    Shipping cost: kr 100
  • All worldwide non-EU customers
    Shipping included – taxes not included
  • Norwegian Customers
    All taxes and shipping costs included (ships from Sarpsborg)

If you order the calendar late, it will simply be shipped as soon as your order is placed

If you live in Norway, or choose DHL shipping we guarantee your calendar will arrive in time.  We can’t promise the arrival date of your advent box for other countries with regular shipping, but shipping times are often:
Norway 1-3 days, Europe 3-7 days, World 5-14 days.

We realize some countries may receive their box after the first day of advent (Australia, parts of Asia, South America).  We chose to ship on the given dates as a balance between delivering ultra fresh beans and shipping in time for advent.  A good solution for the furthest countries from Norway, is to have the entire calendar shipped via DHL as a single shipment on Nov 26.  This option is also available at checkout.

Water Project
For every advent calendar sold, KaffeBox donates kr 200,- to charity: water. The funds raised will sponsor the entire costs of building a clean water well in a developing country. Funds raised from previous years fully funded the following water projects.

2017 Advent Calendar : Clean water well in Malawi (link)
2018 Advent Calendar: Clean water well in Madagascar (link)
2019 Advent Calendar: Hand pump wells in TigrayEthiopia (link & link)
2020 Advent Calendar: Clean water project in Uganda. (link)
2021 Advent Calendar: 5 Piped Systems in Madagascar
2022 Advent Calendar: 2 piped systems with tap stands in Ethiopia


2023: Recommended by The Spruce Eats
2022: Recommended by Fresh Cup
2022: Recommended by Delish
2021: Recommended by Sprudge 

Scandinavian Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

1.895 NOK

Included: 24 advent canisters (50g / tube) of single origin, whole bean specialty coffee, roasted to order.  In order to ship the freshest coffee possible, the calendar will be sent in 2 shipments of 12 tubes each on the following dates:

2023 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Shipping Schedule
Nov 17: First 12 days (Dec. 1-Dec. 12)
Nov 24: Second 12 days (Dec. 13- Dec. 24)

EU customers 
Price includes all taxes and import fees (ships from within the EU)
Shipping cost: kr 100

All worldwide non-EU customers
Shipping included – taxes not included

Norwegian Customers
All taxes and shipping costs included (ships from Sarpsborg)

NOK 1895 | USD 173 | EUR 165
(approximate currency conversion)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Each day of the advent calendar contains 50g of whole bean coffee.This is enough to make 4-5 cups of coffee.

Yes, we are happy to send the calendar as a single shipment.At checkout, you should find an option to have the coffee sent as a single shipment via DHL

If you choose to have your advent calendar sent as a single shipment, it will be sent on Nov 24 when all the coffee has been roasted.

We aren’t going to ruin the surprise, but we can say that we’ve got lots of great coffee lined up. We ask the roasters to pick something special, interesting and super tasty. That is what you can expect. We also make sure to surprise you with a couple days of Geisha.

If that isn’t enough information, you can look what we sent out in the previous year’s Specialty Coffee Advent Calendars

2021 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar
2020 Specilaty Coffee Advent Calendar
2019 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar
2018 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar
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2016 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar
2015 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

The advent calendar features filter roast coffee. 👍


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Spesialkaffe Adventskalender