Frequently Asked Questions


What is
KaffeBox is a monthly coffee subscription with the goal of sending the best coffee that Scandinavia's top roasters have to offer. Each month throughout the year we feature a different roster.  The roasters themselves decide which beans they want to send, ensuring you receive the best.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, of course.  If you visit the international (English) KaffeBox page, all prices are including shipping - worldwide.
How long does shipping take?
It depends on where you live and what your local postal system is like, but general shipping times are Norway: 1-3 days Europe: 2-6 days World: 4-8 days
What happens if my KaffeBox gets lost in the mail?
If your KaffeBox doesn't arrive, simply send us an email and let us know.  We can either send a replacement box out right away or refund your payment.
What is your return policy?
You are paying for great tasting beans, and we stand behind what we sell.  If you are ever unhappy with a shipment, for whatever reason, we'll refund your payment.  No need to return the beans you've been sent.
How is the featured coffee chosen?
KaffeBox has the goal of sending out the best beans each roaster has on their menu.  When we confirm a roaster for a new month, we simply ask them what beans they feel are their best, or which beans they are currently most excited about.  As the roasters play the majority role in deciding what coffee is shipped in KaffeBox, the taste profile of the featured coffee will always be unique and exciting.
Is the coffee freshly roasted?
Yes.  Coffee is a fresh product and needs to get in the hands of the consumer as soon as possible after roasting.  All coffee we ship is roasted exclusively for KaffeBox.  The roasters roast the coffee per our order and ship it immediately to KaffeBox.  We stay up late at night packing the boxes so it can be shipped to you the next morning.  Freshness is a priority!
When is the coffee shipped?
KaffeBox is shipped the last Wednesday of every month.
Which coffee roasters do you use?


I'm going on holidays, can I put my subscription on hold?
Yes, you can manage everything about your account, including putting your subscription on hold on your account page.
How do I change my mailing address?
You can easily do so on your account page.  Alternatively, you can simply send an email to
Can I update the amount of coffee I receive each month?
Yes, simply send us an email at and let us know how you want to adjust your subscription. We'll fix the rest.
What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay with credit card or Paypal. For products that aren't subscription based (equipment or single bags of coffee) you can also pay with Bitcoin.
How do I cancel my subscription?
We're sad to see you leave.  Come back soon! You can easily cancel your subscription at any time on your account page.  If you've already made a payment for next month's coffee (and don't want it), simply send us an email ( and we can refund your last payment.
How does KaffeBox support clean water projects?
Monthly Subscription For every bag of coffee we send out, KaffeBox donates 1 NOK (~USD $0.12) to support Due to improved program efficiency, each donation will go even farther. Every bag of beans you receive through KaffeBox provides three months of safe water for a person in a developing country. Advent Calendar For every Advent Calendar purchased, KaffeBox donates 200 NOK (~USD $25) to support clean water projects through  Through sales of the 2017 advent calendar, KaffeBox (thanks to you guys) was able to fund an entire well project through charity:water.  We'll be receiving (and sharing) pictures and GPS coordinates of the well when it is completed in 2019


Hva er
KaffeBox er et månedlig kaffeabonnement med et mål om å sende ut den beste kaffen fra Nordens topp mikrobrennerier. Hver måned i året velger vi et nytt brenneri, og sammen med dem velger vi hvilke kaffetyper som skal sendes ut. Hver måned får du oppleve nye kaffesmaker fra det beste Norden har å by på.
Hvordan velger du ut månedens kaffen?
KaffeBox har mål om å sende ut den beste kaffen hvert brenneri har på brennelisten. Når vi avtaler med et nytt brenneri, spør vi dem ganske enkelt hvilken kaffe de synes er best eller mest spennende. Siden brenneriet er med på å bestemme hvilken kaffe som sendes ut, blir smaksprofilen til KaffeBox variert og spennende.
Hvor lenge er det siden kaffen er brent?
KaffeBox lagrer aldri kaffe. All kaffe som blir sendt ut er bestilt spesielt for abonnementet. Mikrobrenneriene brenner etter vår bestilling, og dermed er kaffen aldri mer en noen få dager gammel når du får den i postkassen.
Når blir kaffen sendt ut?
Kaffen blir sendt ut på den siste onsdagen i måneden. Postgangen tar som regel 1-3 dager.
Hvilke brennerier bestiller du fra?


Kan jeg endre hvor mye kaffe jeg får tilsendt hver måned?
Ja, bare send en epost til og si hvor mye du vil abonnere på.
Selger dere kaffeabonnement uten autofornyelse?
Hvis du ønsker å kjøpe et abonnement uten autofornyelse, sjekk ut våre gaveabonnement. Disse har en bestemt varighet og fornyes ikke automatisk. Med dette abonnementet betaler du hele summen på forhånd, i motsetning til et vanlig kaffeabonnement hvor du betaler måned for måned.  Perfekt til en gave.
Hvilke betalingstyper aksepterer dere?
Du kan betale med kredittkort (Mastercard, Visa) eller Paypal.
Hvordan avslutter jeg abonnementet?
Det kan du enkelt gjøre på denne siden.
Hvordan støtter KaffeBox rentvanns prosjekter?
Månedlig abonnement For hver pose kaffe som sendes ut, donerer KaffeBox 1 krone til Effektiviseringer i programmet gjør at hver donasjon nå rekker enda lenger: Hver pose med kaffebønner du kjøper gjennom Kaffebox gir hele tre måneder med rent vann for et menneske i et U-land. Adventskalender For hver kjøpte adventskalender, donerer KaffeBox 200 kr i støtte til rent vann prosjekter gjennom Med adventskalenderen 2017 nådde vi målet om å finansiere en hel brønn!

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