Explore six exceptional specialty coffees from Scandinavia’s top roasters

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Explore the best of Scandinavian Roast with TastyBox  

TastyBox Edition #3

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TastyBox Edition #3 Ships September 13th


Each tube contains a sample of 60g beans. Enough for testing in both a cupping and brewing setting. The coffee is packaged as whole beans.

TastyBox Ships four times a year. The first TastyBox will ship April 15th, with the following editions June, September & December. 

  • Coffee Quantity:

    • TastyBox focuses on providing an exploratory experience with various coffees.  TastyBox includes 60g of each coffee, making 360g total.
    • KaffeBox is a great for your daily brew.  You can choose the amount of coffee you want each month, and will receive 2 or three varieties from a single Scandinavian roaster.
  • Experience and Exploration:

    • TastyBox lets you explore new coffees with each box having a different theme and includes coffees from 3-6 different roasters.  Each box has a learning or exploration element, helping you become a more knowledgeable coffee drinker. 
    • KaffeBox sticks to one featured roaster per month. 
  • Themes and Variety:

    • Each TastyBox is themed and includes coffee from 3-6 different roasters, providing a wide range of flavors and styles.
    • KaffeBox focuses on showcasing the offerings of one roaster per month. 
  • Subscription Frequency:

    • KaffeBox is a monthly subscription, so you get coffee every month.
    • TastyBox comes every three months, offering a special coffee experience four times a year.

Worldwide shipping via letter mail is included in the price. Tracking or expedited shipping is also available for an extra charge.

We’re unfortunately not able to ship to Russia. Shipping to Saudi-Arabia and UAE is only available through tracked DHL shipments. 

Featured Roasters for TastyBox Edition #2:


Shipments every 4 months
April – June – September – December

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Single Shipment

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