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Finca Ines – Costa Rica
Muttley & Jack

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2020 Dec 24 🎄 Finca Inés Washed Gesha 🎄 Producer: Coope VictoriaOrigin: West Valley, San Isidro de Grecia, Costa RicaRoaster: Muttley & JackCultivar: GeshaProcess: Fully WashedTaste Profile: Floral, lemongrass, strawberry. Creamy round mouthfeel, elderflower aftertaste.Elevation: 1600-1800 maslRoast Date: 19.11.2020 Recommended Brew31g coffee – medium/fine grind500g water – 96-97degrees Rinse the […]

Las Delicia – Nicaragua
Drop Coffee Roasters

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2020 Dec 23 Las Delicias Producer: Eleane Mierisch Origin: Lipululu in the region Jinotega, NicaraguaRoaster: Drop Coffee roastersCultivar: JavaProcess: Fully washed. Common for Nicaragua, the coffee is washed and separated by density directly at the farm before it is taken by truck to the process station. At the processing station […]

Taba – Ethiopia
Love Coffee Roasters

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2020 Dec 22 Taba Producer: TabaOrigin: Guji, EthiopiaRoaster: Love CoffeeCultivar: TypicaProcess: WashedTaste Profile: Black tea, peach, and tangerineElevation: 1900 maslRoast Date: 26.11.2020 Tadesse Edema comes from a family that are all in coffee. He set up the washing station in 2006, building good relations with local farmers. The coffee is […]

El Porvenir – Colombia

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2020 Dec 21 El Porvenir Producer: Finca el Porvenir, Sandra & Hector Milena MoraOrigin: Palestina, Huila, ColombiaRoaster: KoppiCultivar: Caturra, Tabi, Pink BourbonProcess: 36-48 h wet fermentation, dried on raised bedsTaste Profile: Milk Chocolate, Tropical fruits, sweet lingering finishRoast Date: 26.11.2020 The farm El Porvenir is found in the heart of […]

Don Eli – Costa Rice
Love Coffee

coffee advent calendar dec 20

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2020 Dec 20 Don eli Producer: Montero Family, Finca Tematica @DonelicoffeeOrigin: Tarrazu, Costa RicaRoaster: Love CoffeeCultivar: TypicaProcess: WashedTaste Profile: Delicate with notes of black tea and lemon peelElevation: 1400 maslRoast Date: 26.11.2020 Microbeneficio Don Eli is the micromill of fourth generation coffee farmers, the Montero Family. This coffee is picked […]

Uraga – Ethiopia
Drop Coffee Roasters

coffee advent calendar dec 19

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2020 Dec 19 Uraga Producer: Israel Degfa, of the company Kerchanse Origin: Uraga, EthopiaRoaster: Drop Coffee roastersCultivar: Indigenous wild varietals and 74110Process: Natural processed, the grade one coffee cherries are carefully sorted and dry for over 25 days.Taste Profile: This is a sweet cup with notes of mango and blueberries […]

Monte Copy – Costa Rica

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2020 Dec 18 Monte Copey Producer: Enrique and Josue Navarro from farm Monte CopeyOrigin: Santa Maria, Tarrazu, Costa RicaRoaster: KoppiCultivar: Typica, Caturra, Villa Lobos, Bourbon, Geisha, Catuai, SL28 and VeneciaProcess: Many different processing methodsTaste Profile: Dark chocolate, Juicy plums, Cooked forest berries , MolassesRoast Date: 26.11.2020 In 2009 the two […]

Wolichu Wachu – Ethiopia
Muttley & Jack

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2020 Dec 17 Wolichu Wachu Producer: Wolichu Wachu Washing Station / Local SmallholdersOrigin: Uraga, Guji, EthiopiaRoaster: Muttley & JackCultivar: HeirloomProcess: Fully WashedTaste Profile: Elegant, tea-like and with graceful tones of citrus, jasmine and a hint of blueberry. Silken, structured mouthfeel. Layered with lots to discover as the coffee cools.Roast Date: […]

Daya Bensa – Ethiopia

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2020 Dec 16 Daya Bensa Producer: Daye BensaOrigin: Keramo, EthiopiaRoaster: JacuCultivar: HeirloomProcess: NaturalTaste Profile: Berry sweetness, raspberry candy, fruity, floralRoast Date: 23.11.2020 Recommended BrewGrind 1 or 2 notches coarser than usual. 13g coffee / 200ml water20 second bloom The Daye Bensa farm is located at the heart of Shantawene Village […]

Ichamama PB – Kenya
Ild og Bønner

Dec 15 coffee advent calendar

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2020 Dec 15 Ichamama PB Producer: Othaya FCSOrigin: KenyaRoaster: Ild og Bønner KaffebrenneriCultivar: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, BatianProcess: WashedAltitude: 1750 maslTaste Profile: Blackberry & Lime up front and then smoothing over to mint chocolate chocolateRoast Date: 21.11.2020 Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society Limited is situated about 150km north of Kenya’s capital of […]