Daya Bensa – Ethiopia

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2020

Dec 16

Daya Bensa

Producer: Daye Bensa
: Keramo, Ethiopia
Roaster: Jacu
Cultivar: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Taste Profile: Berry sweetness, raspberry candy, fruity, floral
Roast Date: 23.11.2020

Recommended Brew
Grind 1 or 2 notches coarser than usual.
13g coffee / 200ml water
20 second bloom

The Daye Bensa farm is located at the heart of Shantawene Village within 10km from Daye town in the midst of natural forest and indigenous trees which are expected to be older than 200 years. The farm is at a reachable distance to out-growers in Bombe, Shantawene, and Keramo villages. It is surrounded by rivers one of them separating Shantawene from Bombe which runs from the hills above Karamo. To maintain natural shades and the fertility of the soil with consultancy of expertise from the ministry of agriculture various shade trees are planted in the farm

Jacu Coffee Roastery

Jacu Coffee Roastery is serious about the ethics of our trade. To ensure that coffee farmers and workers receive proper pay, we prefer to keep contact with and buy directly from farmers, or highly trusted distributors. Jacu Coffee Roastery was established in 2011. Like the jacu bird, we pick and roast only the best beans. We look for great plantations, optimal processing, and the roasting profiles which will make the most out of each bean. Brenneriet vårt er lokalisert i en renovert trafostasjon som er bygd for å være et kaffebrenneri og et fine-art galleri. For oss er sammensmeltingen mellom moderne kunst og kaffe helt naturlig, og til nå har vi huset utstillinger av 3 av Norges mest anerkjente kunstnere- midt mellom kaffebrenner, vekter og kaffemaskiner.

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