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May 2022 – SRW & Kafferaven

Supreme Roastworks Supreme Roastworks is a café and roastery in the Norwegian capital, home of some of the best coffee roasters in the world. After operating as a roastery and working solely through wholesale accounts with restaurants, cafés, and offices around the city since 2008, opened its first retail space in hip Grünerløkka in early […]

April 2022 – Gringo Coffee Roasters

Gringo Coffee Roasters Location: Gothenburg, SwedenEstablished: 2018Roaster: Loring Kestrel 35 kiloSocial: @gringonordic We are Gringo Nordic, a curious little coffee roasting company in Gothenburg, Sweden. Established May 2018. We are committed to great coffee and our customers.  We source 100 % fully transparent speciality coffees from single farms, estates and cooperatives. A lot of the coffees […]

March 2022 – Sognefjord Kaffebrenneri

Sognefjord Kaffibrenneri Location: Sognefjord, NorwayEstablished: 2017Roaster: Diedrich IR-12Social: #sognefjordkaffibrenneri #sognefjordcoffee A farmer who puts his soul into good ingredients deserves to have his coffee sold to someone who cares about the end product. Sognefjord Kaffibrenneri takes in small batches of traceable coffee, brought here because it is grown by farmers who put as much pride in the […]

February 2022 – Slöinge Kafferosteri

Slöinge Kafferosteri Slöinge Kafferosteri is one of Sweden’s newest coffee roasteries and is located in the old hotel in Slöinge. We opened the doors in 2013 and are a so-called micro-roastery that only roasts specialty coffee. Almost all coffee is organically grown and procured with as few intermediaries as possible (Direct Trade). Many of the […]

January 2022 – Langøra Kaffebrenneri

Langøra Kaffebrenneri Langøra Coffee Roasters are based in a little red ‘ Stabbur ‘, a traditional storehouse at Hjelseng Farm in Stjørdal, Norway. We select and purchase traceable speciality coffees, in season, with characteristic flavour profiles that excite us. The quality of coffee depends on factors such as region, terroir, variety and processing. Together they […]

Chombi CCX
Coffea Circulor

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2021 Dec 24 🎄 God Jul Chombi CCX Producer: Altieri/Roger Pitti & Coffea Circulor/Ivica Cvetanovski Origin: Callejón Seco, Boquete, PanamaRoaster: Coffea CirculorCultivar: GeishaProcess: Proprietary, Natural, Dried in cherryAltitude: 1850 maslTaste Profile: Champagne, Tropical fruits, Cotton candy, Elegant.Roast Date: 19.11.2021 Altieri and Coffea Circulor joins forces to build a line of […]

Buku Sayisa

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2021 Dec 23 Buku Sayisa Producer: 430 small holders in the Buku Sayisa VillageOrigin: Guji, EthiopiaRoaster: KaffaCultivar: DegaProcess: NaturalAltitude: 2000-2550Taste Profile: Strawberry milk, marzipan, dark chocolateRoast Date: 21.11.2021 This lot is from Buku, a district of Hambela Wamena in the broader Guji Zone. This coffee has been picked at maturity […]

La Leona

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2021 Dec 22 La Leona Producer: San Marcos small holdersOrigin: San Marcos, GuatemalaRoaster: NordCultivar: Caturra, BourbonProcess: WashedTaste Profile: Juicy and sweet coffee with aroma of milk chocolate. Taste of green apple and honey flower. Balanced acidity and delicate aftertaste of caramel.Roast Date: 21.11.2021 La Leona is the coffee that perfectly […]

Montero Geisha

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2021 Dec 21 Montero Geisha Producer: Montero Family, La PastoraOrigin: Tarrazu, Costa RicaRoaster: Morgon Coffee RoastersCultivar: GeishaProcess: NaturalAltitude: 2000 maslTaste Profile: Strawberry fields forever with elderflowers & apricotRoast Date: 19.11.2021 Our relationship with Carlos and his family began in 2016 when Christian visited Tarrazu. The Montero’s have been producing coffee […]