Sibarist CONE FAST Specialty Coffee Filter

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The FAST Specialty Coffee Filter has exceptionally low retention, offering greater flow in the brew and faster extraction.  It allows you to have full control over the flow rate during pouring, explore finer grinds without clogging or choking, and achieve higher extractions.  The Sibarist filters allow greater flexibility when experimenting with brew recipes, as you are not limited by the draw-down time of the filter.

The result is a clean and full-bodied cup, with a characteristic silky mouthfeel. The FAST paper does not leave any trace of flavor or odor in your drink.

SUITABLE FOR Hario V60 style brewers / 01 & 02 size
The filter adapts to conical commercial V60’s, Hario Switch or any brewer which uses the Hario V60 filters.

01 – 1-2 cups.  Fits the 01 sized Hario brewers
02 – 2-4 cups. Fits the 02 sized Hario brewers
03 XL – 4-6 cups. Fits Chemex & 03 sized Hario brewers

FAST Specialty Coffee Filter technology.
100% organic.
Manufactured in Barcelona.

The sealed packaging guarantees optimal conservation of the filters and prevents contamination from external dust and odors. Protect your cup!

Read more about the filters  in the product sheet

Available in bags of 25 or 100 filters

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