November 2020 – Drop Coffee


Drop Coffee Roasters

We visit every producer we’re buying from, and through a sustainability lawyer, we have created internal guidelines and checklists to help us through the whole buying process. Most of the ingredients used at our café are local, produced by small-scale producers, and mainly organic.
Our origins of focus are Bolivia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ethiopia, and Kenya.  We’re crafting to perfection our preferred taste profile and maintaining our ethical business model with the producers. We only source fully transparent coffee from single farms and cooperatives, working with amazing coffee from people we like.

Drop Coffee has a flavour vision of a clear and bright cup where the origin of the coffee should shine through. We like to present as much of the coffees’ acidity and sweetness as possible. Some coffees will be more acidic and juicy – and some creamy and chocolatey – depending on the origin, but all the coffees are roasted for clarity. The coffee has a light to medium roast profile, suitable for all brewing methods

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