Misael Sauceda, Nicaragua

Dec 5

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Misael Sauceda – Langøra Coffee Roasters

Origin: Nuereva Segovia, Nicaragua
Producer:  Misael Sauceda Olivera
Cultivar: Red Caturra
Altitude: 1400
Process: Honey Processed
Roast Date: 19 Nov
Roaster: Langøra Coffee Roasters

Taste Profile: Honey and tropical fruit. Complex acidity, round sweetness, violet touch.

As the history of many farms goes, Misael Sauceda Olivera and his brothers each inherited a part of the land of their father, Porfirio Sauceda. Misael, however, was lucky enough to be the only brother with a passion for coffee, so he was able to buy the lands from his brothers and gradually expand his own land. In the twelve years that the Cup of Excellence program has been running in Nicaragua, Misael’s La Divina Providencia made it to the international selection five times, ranking second in 2012. With the money he received from these successes, he has been able to greatly improve his farm and buy a new farm, Santa Maria de Guadalupe.

Next to Caturra, Misael also grows Maragogype and Maracaturra. All coffee is grown in the shade provided by all sorts of trees like mora, jocotes, zapotes and mango trees at altitudes around 1400 m.a.s.l. The average annual temperature at this altitude, between 18 and 26°C, proves to be ideal for growing delicate and subtle coffees with often floral higher notes and a substantial sweetness and body. In comparison to the fully washed coffee, the honey processed coffee takes the inherent sweetness a step further, giving the coffee a more tropical character with round fruit flavours.

langora-kaffebrenneri-coffee-roastersLANGØRA COFFEE ROASTERS

Langøra Coffee Roasters was established in 2014, and is one of the latest roasters on the Norwegian coffee scene. They are based in a 150 year old ‘Stabbur’ building on Hjelseng Farm, overlooking the Trondheim Fjord. The farm also houses a brewery and a restaurant serving traditional Norwegian cuisine.


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