Meet the Roaster: Langøra – A Favorite Roaster of 2022

You’ll find them in Stjørdal, located in the heart of Trøndelag in Norway. In their constant search for the perfect coffee, they’re sourcing coffee beans during their prime season from some of the world’s finest coffee farms. They ensure full traceability of all their beans and endorse fair trade practices to acknowledge the efforts of the farmers. Langøra then delicately roasts the coffee beans to keep and bring out the special flavors. 

Born in 2015, Langøra was the brainchild of Kristian Helgesen, a dedicated photojournalist who returned to Trøndelag after spending years studying documentary photography in the UK and capturing stories for the newspaper VG in Oslo. His passion for specialty coffee and entrepreneurial spirit led to Langøra’s humble beginning, roasting beans in a garage.

The team soon found a home at Hjelseng Gård, a unique hub in Stjørdal boasting a brewery and a restaurant. Starting out in a quaint 1850s storehouse, Langøra quickly outgrew it, requiring a new build in 2017.

Langøra, with its five dedicated human employees and furry friend Dakota, the Rhodesian Ridgeback fire dog, has hosted prestigious coffee events, including the Norwegian coffee roasting finals and Trøndelag Coffee Festival.

Not only does Langøra fuel coffee shops, restaurants, and specialty stores nationwide, but they also boast a thriving online shop which saw a boom during the home-office trend of the COVID era. The love for their coffee has crossed borders, winning hearts in the USA, Canada, Germany, and Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

In April 2023, they spread their wings further, opening Gjøken Bar, a chic coffee and wine bar in Stjørdal.

The coffee selected for you

Coffee Name: Kayumbu
Taste Profile: Sweet, fruity floral. Plum, citrus, black tea.
Origin: Kayumbu, Southern Province, Rwanda 
Producer: Kayumbu Washing Station
Variety: Bourbon & Jackson
Process: Fully washed
Harvest date: June 2022
Altitude: 1600-2100 m.

Coffee Name: Samuel Escalante
Taste Profile: Floral, juicy, complex. Peach, raisins, orange.
Origin: Tarqui, Huila, Colombia
Producer: Samuel Escalante 
Variety: Castillo 
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1650-1700 m

One thought on “Meet the Roaster: Langøra – A Favorite Roaster of 2022


    The first time I tried Langora coffee was on September 2020 with kaffeebox.

    It was a special month because it was the last kaffebox with the old style cards🃏and also it is Langora coffee☕️
    since that time I had no doubt about Langora and their coffee, quality, roasting style, and the story they gave by sharing amazing coffee.

    For me, Langora is my favorite coffee roastery of all time and it will keep until the end.
    I am so happy that kaffebox introduce this month’s coffee with Langara and washed process “my favorite as well 😅”.

    long live kaffebox.
    long live Longra.


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