January 2021 – Kafferaven Per Nordby

Per Nordby

The brewing of a cup of coffee begins its journey at when the coffee berries mature on the “coffea arabica” bush ( or Robusta “coffea canephora”) stemming from the family “Rubiaceæ.” When we search for new partners we try to make sure the producers share our passion for coffee and are proud of their work. Our experience is that passionate people do the work necessary for each cup of coffee to be a special experience. The taste and aroma of your freshly brewed coffee tells a story about the origin, and people behind the experience.

We are constantly seeking to expand our knowledge in brewing, roasting, agriculture and processing, and we meet wonderful people who are eager to share their knowledge. When Per Nordby started Kafferäven in 2013 there was a clear goal: to buy, roast and share the best coffee beans we could, and never cut down on quality. That goal has not changed and we have no plans to change it.


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