February 2021 – Clever Coffee


Clever Coffee

Direct Trade is not enough in itself – sustainability is also about relationships and transparency

We really want to purchase our coffee as directly as possible and build good and long-term relationships with the producers. Additionaly, the coffee needs to be of utmost quality, transparently traded, and have purpose.

Roughly speaking, we buy coffee in two different ways.

“Direct Trade” is coffee we buy directly from the farm or cooperatives.
“Transparent Trade” is coffee we buy via transparent and socially responsible importers.

We make demands. Also upon ourselves

We make demands on our partners. They must be able to deliver a very high quality. They must work socially responsibly, and of course, we can in no way accept child labor or the oppression of minorities. They must also have a strong focus on working as sustainably as possible.

On the other hand, we also make great demands on ourselves, because we do not believe that all the responsibility should lie with our suppliers. We must take great and active responsibility to ensure that trade and cooperation are good for everyone.


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