How to Use the KaffeBox Brew Book to Elevate Your Coffee Tasting Experience

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The KaffeBox Brew Book is the ultimate companion when you’re looking to elevate your daily brewing experience. Why? Because this little book can help you achieve coffee consistency, experiment with new methods, and learn more about your coffee preferences! Here are 3 good reasons to keep a brewing journal for coffee: Here’s how to use […]

Meet the Roaster: Langøra – A Favorite Roaster of 2022

You’ll find them in Stjørdal, located in the heart of Trøndelag in Norway. In their constant search for the perfect coffee, they’re sourcing coffee beans during their prime season from some of the world’s finest coffee farms. They ensure full traceability of all their beans and endorse fair trade practices to acknowledge the efforts of […]

Meet the Roaster: The Passion and Craft of Kafferäven

Guess what? June’s KaffeBox gives you a double treat with two esteemed roasters – Kafferäven and Coffea Circulor from Sweden. In the world of coffee roasting, the beans that make it into our cups have quite the journey behind them. There’s an entire world that exists beyond the barista’s counter, and it’s one filled with […]

Specialty Coffee 101: The What, Why and How 

When you hear the term ‘specialty coffee,’ you might wonder what it actually means. It’s not a marketing gimmick, but a term with a specific definition in the coffee industry. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA) labels coffee as ‘specialty’ when it scores at least 80 points out of 100 in their rigorous grading process. This […]

Sip, Savor, and Speak Like a Coffee Pro: A Specialty Coffee Dictionary

Welcome, coffee curious adventurers, to the realm of specialty coffee! Grab your favorite mug, buckle up, and prepare to embark on a journey through the land of exquisite flavors, delightful aromas, and caffeinated wonders. The Specialty Coffee Dictionary is the first post in the “A Beginners Guide to Specialty Coffee” blog post series. If you’re […]

May 2023 – April Coffee Roasters

Meet the Roaster: The First Taste of 2.0 April Coffee Roastery Coffee Name: FAZENDA DE CRUZEIRO – NATURAL PROCESSED CATUÇAITaste Profile:  COCOA, RED GRAPES & ALMONDSOrigin: BrazilProducer: Ivan Junqueira RibeiroVariety: Catucai Process: Natural Harvest date: may – august 2022Altitude: 920m – 1160m Coffee Name: KARIRU FACTORY – WASHED SL-34 & SL-28 (AA)Taste Profile: RED APPLE, WHITE GRAPE & GOOSEBERRY Origin: Kenya, KirinyagaProducer: […]

Meet the Roaster: The First Taste of 2.0 April Coffee Roastery

Get ready to taste the first roast batches from April’s new 2.0 coffee roastery space. April is a coffee roastery rooted in Copenhagen, that have been roasting coffee since late 2016. Their founder, Patrik Rolf, won the Danish Barista Champion 2023, and will be representing Denmark in the World Barista Championship in Athens this year. […]