Astrid Medina, Colombia

Dec 7

2015 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Astrid Medina – Jacu Coffee Roastery

Origin: Gaitania, Planadas, Colombia
Producer: Astrid Medina, Buena Vista
Elevation: 1850-1950 masl
Harvest: June-July 2015
Cultivar: Castillo & Caturra
Process: Washed
Roast Date: 18 Nov
Roaster: Jacu Coffee Roastery

Taste Profile: Fruity and fresh acidity, juicy, gooseberries and currants, refreshing

The coffee is picked, processed and dried on the farm before it is delivered as dry parchment to the Cooperative’s purchasing point.  Cherries are hand picked.  After fermentation (12-16 hours), the coffee is washed and floaters and damaged cherries are separated.  The coffee is rinsed in clean water before drying.

Drying in Tolima is done on small patios or in ventilated parabolic dryers to cover it from the rain.  Astrid Medina has an impeccable set-up for drying, in well ventilated and covered drying beds.

Astrid Median is the winner of Cup of Excellence in Colombia 2015.

In the Tolima region we are working in collaboration with Cafisur – a cooperative that has 5 main areas for purchasing in very remote places in South of Tolima.  Some of the purchasing points are close to the borders of both Cauca and Huila.  In cooperation with Nordic Approach and our exporter, they have initiated a program called Programa de Finca to incentivize and detect growers doing exceptional qualities.   The deliveries per grower are relatively small, and can vary from 300kg of parchment up to 3000kg of parchment throughout the season.  The average per farmer now is around 700kg, divided into several parchment deliveries.  The bodegas have to separate and keep track on every small delivery from the grower.  Most growers can deliver more quality when they see that the program works, and that they get the investment of improved preparation in return.

Cafisur has a very well functioning lab, good cuppers and quality control system that ensure total traceability.  They do a preselection to approve the basic quality parameters, before we cup all the approved samples and decide for purchase, and what to blend into medium sized lots, or what to keep as small separate lots.  We are paying premiums to the growers based on the scoring.  These premiums are going entirely back to the growers.  Tolima has it’s main harvest around June, so all this coffee is very fresh.  Unlike other regions Huila, they primarily have only one harvest per year.

jacu-abonnementJacu Coffee Roastery

Jacu Coffee Roastery is serious about the ethics of our trade. To ensure that coffee farmers and workers receive proper pay, we prefer to keep contact with and buy directly from farmers, or highly trusted distributors.  Jacu Coffee Roastery was established in 2011. Like the jacu bird, we pick and roast only the best beans. We look for great plantations, optimal processing, and the roasting profiles which will make the most out of each bean. Brenneriet vårt er lokalisert i en renovert trafostasjon som er bygd for å være et kaffebrenneri og et fine-art galleri. For oss er sammensmeltingen mellom moderne kunst og kaffe helt naturlig, og til nå har vi huset utstillinger av 3 av Norges mest anerkjente kunstnere- midt mellom kaffebrenner, vekter  og kaffemaskiner.

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