Vara Blanca – Costa Rica

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Dec 7, 2017

Vara Blanca

Producer: Mario Merin
: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Roaster: Kafferostare Per Nordby
Cultivar:  Typica, Bourbon, Villalobos
Process: Dehydrated Natural
Elevation: 2000 masl
Harvest: March 2017
Taste Profile: Tropical fruit punch, cacao, juicy
Roast Date: 16.11.17

Kafferostare Per Nordy

In order to get a good coffee, it is important to have a good commodity. Therefore, I work as directly as possible with knowledgeable and proud producers who share the same passion as me and who strive to produce as good a coffee as possible.

For a producer’s passion for coffee is not the drink but about the berry, bush, soil, farm and family. Therefore, the environment they work in and the people they work with vital to creating a sustainable product. Good coffee can only be produced under good conditions. Direct trade provides long-term sustainability and transparency in the trade chain that can not be exchanged for certificates or markings.

Kafferostare Per Nordby is a speciality coffee roastery based in Göteborg, Sweden. Founded 2013 by, well, Per Nordby.