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Bokasso, Ethiopia

Dec 15 2015 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Bokasso – Jacobsen & Svart Origin: Bokasso, Sidamo, Ethiopia. Producer: Technoserve Cultivar: Heirloom (wild and semi-grown arabica) Altitude: ca 2000 masl. Harvest date: Ocotber-January 2014/2015 Process: Washed Taste Profile: Red fruits, some floral notes but they are a bit blurry according to the season. Tons of apples, sweet […]

Kamiro, Rwanda

Dec 12 2015 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Kamiro – Jacobsen & Svart Origin: Kamiro, Nyamagabe, Rwanda Producer: Kamiro Cooperative with Nora Hindar. Cultivar: Bourbon variety Altitude: 1700-2200 masl Harvest date: March-August 2015 Process: Washed Taste Profile: Tons of fruits, some spice, lavender, some floral notes. Fruity and sweet. This is our christmas coffee for this […]