Kamiro, Rwanda

Dec 12

2015 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Kamiro – Jacobsen & Svart

Origin: Kamiro, Nyamagabe, Rwanda
Producer: Kamiro Cooperative with Nora Hindar.
Cultivar: Bourbon variety
Altitude: 1700-2200 masl
Harvest date: March-August 2015
Process: Washed
Taste Profile: Tons of fruits, some spice, lavender, some floral notes. Fruity and sweet.

This is our christmas coffee for this year. It won 4 rounds of cupping. It was a huge bonus that Nora Hindar (coffee producer) and myself (Jacobsen) are friends on facebook because the coffee production was transparent and I could easily access information about the coop. Nora visited us 24th November 2015 to speak to the wild crowd of coffee crawlers. We got introduced to a cooperative that has the same values as us. First quality, then helping the others. Rwanda has a unique history refering to the Hutsi/Tootsi conflict, this cooperative doesn’t make a distinction between the two groups as they both work together and accept each other. That for me is a huge bonus to the quality of the cup. They will develop a lot in the future, so this cooperative will be a great bet for the future.

2015-08-Jacobsen-SvartJacobsen & Svart

Jacobsen & Svart started as one of the smallest nano coffee roasteries in Norway back in 2012. It was founded by (me) Tony Jacobsen. I would call myself a madcap barista who has always loved experimenting with coffees and trying new things. First setup was a 2 kilo coffee roaster connected to a hacked air conditioning system, where i manipulated the water percentage in the room. December 2013 I moved the roastery in the same building as the chocolate geeks, Cielo. Together we started experimenting with food pairing and chocolate pairings. Buying a Diedrich ir-12 coffee roaster pushed the roastery up to new levels and a bigger scale than an output of 20 kilo roasted coffees a day.
In 2015 i am starting Svart by Jacobsen & Svart a full scale microroastery with a public coffee lab where we can produce fine coffees for fine people. My goal is to provide sensory experiments that taste good and have unique details roasted into them.


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