Sumava, Costa Rica

Dec 19

2015 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Sumava – La Cabra

Origin: West Valley, Costa Rica
Farm: Sumava de Lourdes
Elevation: 1.800 masl
Cultivar: Ethiopia Hybrid
Process: Black Honey
Harvest: March 2015
Roast Date: 30 Nov
Roaster: La Cabra

Taste Profile: Lemon, Jasmin and Cascara

Francisco Mena calls his new farm Sumava de Lourdes, and the two plos within are called Monte Llano Bonito and Monte Lourdes. The farm sits between 1700 and 1800 masl. New drying patios are being built and a wetmill is being lined up, not a small amount of work for anyone. Helped by experienced farm manager Jose Ordonez and a team of full time employees. We have paid 340% over the market price for this coffee (5,25 $/lb FOB)

La Cabra Coffee Roasters

La Cabra is a Scandinavian roastery and a coffee shop in Aarhus, Denmark. We are a company that takes pride in serving a unique nordic coffee experience, by bringing out a delicate and dynamic clarity in every coffee we produce.

We feel fortunate to live in a time where the coffee cherry – like never before – is being praised for it’s unique, innate qualities and complexities. By sourcing and roasting some of the finest and cleanest coffees available to us, we are contributing to the highest quality of craftsmanship in the specialty coffee market.

We are forever curious and always uncompromising in our quest for delicious coffees.

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