Mars 2014 – Sitio Canaa Red Bourbon fra Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe Sitio Canaa

tim wendelboe sitio canaaKaffe: Sitio Canaa Red Bourbon Semi Washed
: Tim Wendelboe
KaffeBox: Mars 2014

Producer: Mr. Joao Hamilton & Ivan Dos Santos together with Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza
Harvest: August 2013
Origin: Caconde, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Growing conditions: 1200 – 1350 m.a.s. No shade trees.
Farm size: 32 hectars but only 10 is used for growing coffee.
Cultivar: Red Bourbon.
Lot size: 1080 Kg
Process: Joao and Ivan picked the coffee when the majority of the cherries were purple, hence extremely ripe. After picking, the cherries are sorted with an optical sorting machine to sort out over ripe and under ripe cherries. This lot was de-pulped with a mechanical depulper and mucilage remover. This means about 90% of the mucilage is removed before the parchment is dried. Drying takes about 12-20 days. This process is called “semi-washed” and gives you a cleaner and lighter bodied coffee compared to the traditional Natural processed coffees from Brazil.
To ensure freshness the green coffee is packed and shipped in Grain pro bags.
Flavour description: Aromas and flavours of sugar cane, malt and caramel.
Clean, light body. Citric acidity with low intensity. Sweet finish with flavours of milk chocolate.

Om Kaffen

The two brothers, Joao Hamilton and Ivan Dos Santos, are some of the many farmers who is a partner of Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza.

Sitio Canaa is the name of their farm that they inherited from their father.
Joao and Ivan have radically changed the agricultural practices on their farm for the past couple of years. After many years of conventional farming they started to realize that if they continued spraying the trees and soil with chemicals and cut down all vegetation around the farm, there would not be any fertile soil or healthy land for their kids to take over.

Therefore, Joao and Ivan decided to stop using pesticides, minimize the use of artificial fertilizers, let the weed and vegetation within and around the farm grow and also plant new trees around the farm in order to prevent deforestation and also to promote a more versatile vegetation in the area.
They also protect the natural springs in the area and have started a recycling program together with neighboring farms.

Their goal is to transfer the farm to becoming more sustainable and organic. This takes time though, as the trees have to adapt to their natural cycle again and the loss of production by growing organic coffee is not yet sustainable economically.
The positive effects from the changes they have made is that the coffee trees are more flexible and healthy, they have less problems with pests and diseases on the trees and the coffee tastes much better and different from before.

Joao and Ivan have consistently been producing some of our favourite coffees from Brazil for the last 5 years. They are not afraid to push the boundries and implement new processing techniques in order to improve the quality of their coffee. That is why they are able to produce outstanding and clean coffees year after year.

We bought 3 lots from Sitio Canaa this year. One is roasted for espresso and two of them are roasted light. Not only are they different cultivars but also processed differently. The Yellow Catuaì is a natural processed coffee whereas the Red Bourbon has been semi-washed. See below for more information.

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