April 2014 – Etiopia fra Supreme Roastworks

Supreme Roastworks Etiopia


Kaffe: Etiopia
Brenneri: Supreme Roastworks
KaffeBox: April 2014

Country: Ethiopia
Name: Suke Quto Farm
Coffee type: Washed and Unwashed Sidamo
Varieties: Kurume and Welicho
Certification: Organic
Location: Oromia Region, Guji Zone
Altitude: 1800 – 2200 meters
Soil type: Loamy soil
Average rainfall: 950mm
Shade trees: Millettia Ferruginea, Cordia Africana, Albizia Gummifera, Anigeria, Croton Macrostachyus, Eucberigia

Flavour description: Dufter friskt av saftige epler og pærer, sitrus og krydderurter. Kompleks, flott, ren smak av pærer, bringebær og modne epler. Frisk, fruktig og lett krydret ettersmak.

Suke Quto Farm

The Suke Quto Farm was established in 2005 with the idea to implement environment-friendly coffee farming practices under the shade of the natural forest canopy. The original farm was only 5 hectares but has grown to over 221 hectares. When a bushfire destroyed most of the forest surrounding the farm, many locals started to grow Corn and Teff on the land (which leads to soil erosion and will leave the land barren after a few years). Tesfaye, the owner of the farm, came with the idea to distribute coffee- and shade-tree-seedlings. Over 150 out-growers are now replanting the forest and bringing organic coffee to the Suke Quto farm for processing.


The washed coffees are first washed with spring water after which they are pulped 5-disk Brasillian pulper. The mucilage is removed by fermentation, which lasts 36-72 hours depending on the weather condition. The coffee is then dried on raised African beds (over 200 beds are present at the washing station) for 9-13 days. The natural coffees are dried on drying beds for 21-27 days.


supreme roastworks kaffeabonnement

Kaffe: Supreme Roastworks Fire

Flavour description Eksplosiv, kraftfull, intens og balansert. Medium syre. Krydret og fruktig. 
Serrado farm – Brasil, Finca Las Ranas – El Salvador,  Suke Quto – Etiopia

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