Shembati – Burundi

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Dec 10, 2017


Producer: Salume Ramadahn
Origin: Kayanza, Burundi
Roaster: La Cabra
Cultivar:  Bourbon Heirloom
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1800-1900 masl
Harvest: March 2017
Taste Profile: Rosehip, Rasberry and Jam

Roast Date: 23.11.17

This coffee is processed at a private Coffee Washing Station in one of our favorite districts, Kayanza. Producer Salume Ramsdahn is dividing his coffee based on the area they are grown and harvested. As they are also separating their coffees based on daily pickings and different processing methods it is possible to make a very specified selection of micro lots based on the different flavor profiles.

Farms in Burundi are small, often below one hectar each with some hundred trees. This means that a daily lot of e.g. 25 bags of greens can consist of coffee from some hundred growers.

Salume is systematically separating the coffees based on where they are grown, and by the date of processing. Post harvest we are cupping through some hundred samples to select the ones we find outstanding. They generally collect cherries from a range of areas with different altitudes, growing conditions etc, and the flavor range is pretty wide spread according to that.

La Cabra kaffeabonnementLa Cabra

We believe specialty coffee is not about the grand gestures, but about small and beautiful things done well. Whether it is a heavy sweet natural Brazilian or a crisp acidic washed Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia, we will always aim for brightness.  We can do this because we are choosing to roast only the best coffees available to us, and this is a long journey, one we are honored to be taking part in.  We’re combining the knowledge of producers, agronomists, chemists, engineers, roasters and bariasts to innovate and understand the complexity of coffee.  The purpose is that, when you drink the right cup of coffee you can taste that it took an insatiable curiosity and the uttermost passion in the making.  Roasting should be done in the slightest and should serve only to reveal and brighten up the characteristics of the coffee varietal we are working with.

La Cabra Coffee is an award-winning micro roastery in Aarhus, Denmark. Home of five national champions.