Varia VS-3 (gen 2) Coffee Grinder

4.495 NOK

The Varia VS-3 is a great home grinder for the discerning coffee enthusiast who values quality over quantity. We believe this grinder is a game-changer in the market for espresso and pour-over grinders in its price range.
One of the standout features of the Varia VS3 is its nearly silent operation, thanks to its conical 38mm precision blades rotating at 190 RPM. Additionally, its 76.5-degree tilt and vertical shaft make for almost zero retention, ensuring every grind is fresh.
Not only is the Varia VS3 great for espresso, but its stepless precision adjustment makes it perfect for a range of brewing methods, from French press to pour-over. And with its compact, minimalist design, the Varia VS3 feels like a high-quality addition to any coffee lover’s setup.
But perhaps the best part? This grinder is made to last, with CNC-machined aluminum and precision to 0.02mm. Plus, it’s easy to upgrade or maintain, with the option to purchase an extra-hard coated blade set for even more precise espresso grinding.
In the box, you’ll find a blower brush for the bean hopper and a spray bottle to combat static electricity. And with features like non-slip silicone feet and a 30g bean hopper, the Varia VS3 is both practical and sleek.
Dimensions: 31x9x15 cm (HxWxD)

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