Timemore Sculptor 078S Multipurpose Grinder

9.950 NOK

The Timemore Sculptor 078S Electric Coffee Grinder is designed for both espresso and filter coffee, making it a versatile choice for coffee enthusiasts. It features an impressive 78mm ‘vortex knife’ burr set, which is developed in partnership with Grindinglabs. This burr set, with a three-row tooth design, aims to refine milling and reduce fines, ensuring a consistent grind for your coffee.

This grinder is equipped with a patented ‘knock’ system that helps eject grinds from the outlet, reducing retention and ensuring a cleaner grinding experience. It’s designed with pour-over, drip, and French press coarse grinding in mind, optimizing the burr design to minimize fines. You can adjust the grind speed to optimize your grind size distribution by adjusting the RPM, with a range between 800 and 1400 RPM, allowing for a slower RPM known to reduce fines.

Ease of use is enhanced with features like magnetic grind cups and a hopper lid, ensuring a smooth and convenient grinding process. The Sculptor 078S offers 36 grinding grades, allowing you to dial in the perfect grind size for your brewing method by turning a dial with a scale on the front of the fuselage.

The grinder’s body is made from aluminium alloy and stainless steel, weighing 6.81 kg, and operates at 220 V / 400 W. Its dimensions are 261 x 118 x 294 mm, offering a substantial yet efficient footprint for any kitchen or coffee bar.

The Timemore Sculptor 078S is available in black and white, providing options to match your aesthetic preferences. Its patented “vortex knife” structure cutter head features arc teeth, spiral teeth, and cone teeth, designed for quick, multi-layer cutting of coffee beans while minimizing the production of fine powder.

For those interested in fine-tuning their coffee grinding experience, the Timemore Sculptor 078S offers a comprehensive set of features designed to deliver high-quality, consistent grinds across a variety of coffee brewing methods.

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