Timemore Mini Espresso Scale

995 NOK

The Timemore Mini Espresso Scale boasts an impressive weight range from 0.3 grams to 2 kilograms, tailored to cater to your precise needs. This innovative scale comes equipped with a redesigned silicone pad that not only efficiently drains water but also ensures your espresso portafilter remains securely in place.

Sleek, swift, and supremely portable, the Timemore Black Mirror Mini is the perfect fit for nearly any espresso machine setup. Unless, of course, you’re a resident of the Smurf Village, in which case you might be on the lookout for something even tinier. But, for everyone else, this scale is bound to be a perfect match for your coffee crafting adventures.

Weight 192g
Maximum load 2kg
Parameters 10x11x1,5cm
Battery 760mAh


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