Timemore Cold Brew Clear Ice Dripper Set

695 NOK

The Timemore Cold Brew Clear Ice Dripper is a refreshing and pure way to enjoy your coffee. Look no further than our elegant and easy-to-use cold brew coffee maker.  The cold brew coffee maker comes with a borosilicate glass server that is perfect for pouring and serving up your favorite cold brew coffee. And with the ability to make ice coffee in less than 3 hours, or longer if you prefer, you can enjoy your favorite drink anytime you want. Plus, it’s not bulky and can easily fit into your fridge.
Using the Timemore cold-brew coffee maker is simple and easy. All you need is ground coffee, ice cubes, and cold water. Just follow our easy-to-use instructions and in no time, you’ll be enjoying the perfect cup of cold brew coffee.
The brewer comes with a reusable metal mesh disc filter that can be washed by hand. And with a capacity of 400ml, it’s perfect for serving up your favorite drink to family and friends. So why wait? Start enjoying the pure, refreshing taste of cold brew coffee today with our easy-to-use cold brew coffee maker.

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