Timemore Chestnut X

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Say hello to the new standard in high-end manual grinders: the Timemore Chestnut X. This bad boy is not just any grinder. With its ultra-adjustable design, you’ll be able to achieve extremely precise grinding with less fines and more flavor. It’s going to squeeze the best out of your beans and give you the smoothest cup of coffee of your life.

The patented S2C (spike to cut) burrs are the workhorse of the grinder and the part that affects the end product the most. These burrs spike the beans then cut them, a revolutionary way to get the best grind with less fines and reduce the risk of over-extraction.

The grinder has a double wheel system that allows for an incredible level of desired grinding. With 24 separate grind adjustments and a secondary dial that gives you the ability to fine-tune the grinder by another 5 fine adjustments per notch, you’ll have 120 levels of adjustment possibilities.

The handle of the crank is retractable for space-saving and has a satisfying click when it’s in place. Plus, there’s a rubber bumper on the underside of the handle to prevent damage to the grinder body. The lid is also made of metal, not plastic. Just a word of caution, do not rotate the handle while the burrs are in a 0-3 click setting or you’ll damage those precious burrs.

In the box, you’ll find the Timemore Chestnut X Coffee Grinder in Safari Green, a carrying pouch, a grinder brush, and an instruction book. Upgrade your coffee game and treat yourself to the Chestnut X.

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