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It’s a newer, more divine object from Timemore that’s perfect for most coffee types and coffee-loving types. The burrs are S2C (spike to cut), sharp and efficient and made from martensitic steel (SUS440), the body and container made from aluminum alloy 6061, and the base has anti-slip rubber. Plus, it comes in a ridiculously beautiful box that’s perfect for storing your jewels after unboxing.

Adjusting the burrs is easy, just start in position 0 (the arms of the adjustment dial are pointing to the small screw holes). The higher the click, the coarser the coffee. For example, Espresso is 5-7 clicks, Pour Over is 13-16 clicks, and French press is 17-22 clicks. And please, never grind between 0-3 clicks, you’ll ruin the greatness of your precious burrs.

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