Timemore C3 Pro Manual Coffee Grinder

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The C3 is made of aluminum, making it lightweight at 473g. The surface of the grinder is designed to provide additional grip, and the ergonomics are comfortable for easy operation. The outside of the C3 may look similar to the C2, but the inside is where the magic happens – new and improved burrs!

The S2C (Spike to Cut) technology used in the C3’s burrs cuts the beans into smaller fragments before grinding, resulting in a more consistent grind and faster throughput. These burrs are based on the Chestnut X burrs, but with a 38mm size instead of 42mm, for an even faster and more efficient grinding experience with uniform particle size.

  • 20-25g bean capacity
  • Grinds approximately 1g per second
  • 38mm stainless steel burrs
  • Size: 14.7cm x 5cm (16cm with extended handle, 11cm when folded)
  • Lightweight at 570g
  • Aluminum casing with durable PCTG plastic inside
  • CNC steel burrs same as C2 and Chestnut G1
  • Dual bearings for consistent grind size
  • Point-to-point coarseness adjustment
  • Includes carrying pouch, cleaning brush and owner’s manual

Available in fixed and foldable handle models.

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