Subminimal UpShot Espresso Shot Mirror

249 NOK

The Subminimal UpShot Espresso Shot Mirror is designed to work seamlessly with bottomless portafilters, this game-changing tool lets you closely monitor your coffee extraction process like never before. Say goodbye to channeling issues and inconsistent grind sizes—UpShot gives you a front-row seat to your espresso’s performance.

What sets the UpShot mirror apart? It’s all in the details. This bad boy sits right on the edge of your cup, bringing the mirror closer to your portafilter for an unparalleled close-up view of your extraction. Crafted from ultra-thin, edgeless, tempered glass, it’s as durable as it is sleek. Plus, it comes with a nifty adhesive magnetic dot, so you can stick it right onto your espresso machine or coffee station for easy access.

Includes: One Shot Mirror, One Magnetic Wall Mount

Weight: 38g
Mirror Thickness: 0.7mm
Dimensions: 70x50x8mm
Mirror Type: Tempered & Tinted

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