Sibarist Fast Origami Specialty Coffee Filter

178 NOK456 NOK

The FAST ORIGAMI Special Edition is a filter with a dedicated design to provide the best brewing experience and geometry to fit perfectly with the Origami S dripper.

This filter provides higher drawdown speeds and higher extractions than our standard filter and for sure than the regular filters, it can be used by folding it like a regular FLAT Sibarist filter to provide low contact surfaces with the dripper and very fast drawdowns or shape the filter with a 2nd origami to block air channels and reach higher extractions with the original Origami and Trunk flatbed no bypass concept.

The amazing Origami and Trunk team have been involved on the development, providing guidelines and feedback until finally we reached the perfect filter and their approval

  • Designed to work with the Origami S dripper
  • FAST Specialty Coffee Filter paper technology
  • 100% organic
  • Manufactured with care in Barcelona

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