Sibarist Fast Disc 63 for Aeropress & Moka Pots

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Meet the FAST DISC 63, a cutting-edge circular coffee filter, designed using the innovative SIBARIST FAST Specialty Coffee Filter technology. Tailored for both AeroPress coffee makers and Moka Pots.

For AeroPress Enthusiasts: The FAST DISC 63 transforms the AeroPress brewing process. It offers high permeability filtration, which means greater flow and faster extraction. This advanced technology allows you to fully control the flow, enabling you to experiment with new recipes and even ultra-fine grind profiles previously unachievable. The result? High extraction levels and a full-bodied yet clean cup, all while maintaining the silky mouthfeel characteristic of FAST technology.

For Moka Pot Users: When used with a Moka Pot (3-6 cups), the FAST DISC 63 ensures cleaner cups free of sediments. It enhances coffee puck yield, ensures even extractions, and improves flow. You can achieve higher extraction levels with similar grind profiles, refining the quality of your brew.

Package Details: The package includes only the filters.

Suitable For:

The AeroPress Coffee Maker Original, Clear and Go versions.

The Moka Pots 3-6 cups.

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