Pure Chocolate Dark Chocolate with Jerk Seasoning 70%

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This bar’s a little trip to Jamaica, thanks to a blend of its local cocoa beans with a classic Jamaican jerk seasoning. Usually, jerk’s a spice rub that gives meats and veggies a good kick, typically smoked over pimento wood fire till it hits just the right note. Now, we’ve packed that essence in this unique bar, making it a cool nod to the Jamaican vibe. Even if flavored bars aren’t your jam, give this one a shot; it’s got a different beat.

Taste the rhythm with hints of salt, thyme, pimento, smoked wood, and a zing of scotch bonnet pepper.

Wanna jazz it up? Try it with some Parmesan cheese, a sip of tawny port, or a dash of dark rum.

And hey, the “Boasy Shade” artwork by Taj Francis on the wrapper is like the cherry on top.


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