Profitec Drive Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

33.450 NOK

The Profitec Drive is a reimagined version of the Pro 700, boasting precise temperature control with dual boilers and dual PID control. It’s got a 0.75L brew boiler and a 2.0L steam boiler, which gives you awesome thermal stability and steam power. Its PID controller is loaded with features like programmable pre-infusion, eco mode, and maintenance reminders. Design-wise, it’s got a bold new look, blending elements from various Profitec models. You can even customize the handle with Profitec’s Twist and Change portafilters. It’s a beast for any coffee aficionado wanting to dial in their espresso game


  • E61 Profitec Flow Control Device comes standard with variable flow between 2.5-28.5g/sec
  • Up to 2 bars of steam pressure.
  • Rotary pump
  • variable between 2.5-28.5g/sec
  • Connect the machine directly to a water line or use the build in 2.8L water reservoir
  • Quick steam valves

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