Pourx Oura Smart Light-Guided Coffee Scale

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Introducing POURX OURA, a smart coffee scale that simplifies the pour over brewing process with light-indicated stop-and-start instructions. Green light signals to pour, while red light signals to stop, making it easy and enjoyable to brew high-quality coffee.

With a measurement accuracy of up to 0.1g, POURX OURA’s fast readout time and high accuracy class allows you to accurately control the coffee to water ratio. Its automatic timer also helps to bring a smooth daily brewing experience by starting the timing automatically when it detects the flow of water.

In addition to its professional grade coffee scale, POURX OURA is also compact and easy to clean, with a smooth and seamless design. Its button is even set under the top panel, protecting it from damage even if coffee or water spills during brewing.

Connect POURX OURA to your smartphone via Bluetooth to access the latest barista recipes in the Pourx recipe database on the app. You can also record up to three of your own recipes on the device and switch between different tastes, or share your brewing parameters using the app and a QR code. The brewing monitor feature also allows you to easily compare brewing results to target parameters, with graphs to show similarities for improvement references.

  • Follow light-guided instructions for easy, high-quality coffee brewing
  • Professional grade coffee scale with 0.1g measurement accuracy and fast readout time
  • Automatic timer for smooth daily brewing experience
  • Compact size, easy to clean, and suitable for most servers
  • Connect to smartphone via Bluetooth to access latest barista recipes and record up to three of your own
  • Use app and QR code to share brewing parameters and monitor brewing results against target parameters with graphs

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Pourx Oura Heat Resistant Pad

Protect your Pourx Oura coffee scale with a heat resistant pad to protect the surface and improve accuracy.

  • Maintain accuracy by using a heat resistant pad during longer brews
  • Protect Pourx OURA scale from scratches and heat damage
  • Made of durable silicone rubber that is easy to clean and resistant to heat up to 200°C/392°F
  • Use reference lines on the surface of the pad to guide filter folding for different types of paper filters and drippers

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