Pietro Grinder Add-on Pack

595 NOK

The Pietro Add-On Pack is designed to enhance the overall grinding experience with your Pietro hand grinder. This accessory kit includes a few key components aimed at improving stability, ease of use, and maintenance​​​​​.

Here’s what you get with the Pietro Add-On Pack:

Baseplate: This component is crucial for improving the grinder’s stability, making the grinding process steadier, which in turn enhances comfort and consistency.
Funnel: Designed for easier and more precise pouring of ground coffee onto the portafilter, the funnel effectively minimizes spills and messes.
Brush: A dedicated brush for daily burr cleaning is included in the pack, helping you maintain optimal grinder performance and preserve the flavor integrity of your coffee​​​​.

This pack is a thoughtful addition for anyone looking to get the most out of their Pietro manual coffee grinder. It seamlessly integrates with the grinder, providing practical enhancements that make the coffee grinding process smoother and more enjoyable​​​​. Whether you’re a professional barista or a home coffee enthusiast, these accessories aim to elevate your coffee preparation experience by ensuring your grinder operates at peak efficiency.

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