Origami Dripper S

479 NOK

ORIGAMI coffee dripper, with deep vertical groves and vivid coloring looks like a real piece of origami paper art.
There are 21 ribs create space between the coffee paper and the dripper, allowing the hot water to flow unobstructed to brew great coffee.

dia.115X70mm  Bottom hole dia.25mm

Origami Dripper S works with the following filters:
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Origami Dripper Holder

This wooden holder designed specifically for our dripper adds a touch of warmth to your kitchen or store countertop.  Fit both the Origami Dripper S and Origami Dripper M

Hario Paper Filter V60-01

Papirfilterene fra Hario er designet spesifikt med tanke på håndbryggeren V60. Filteret har en trekantet form. Til forskjell fra andre filter smaker det utrolig lite av papiret ved kontakt med vann, noe som gjør at kaffen smaker bedre.

Origami Dripper Filter S

Origami Dripper brew filter.  Fits the S (small) version of the Origami Dripper.

100 filters