Normcore Handless Milk Pitcher

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Discover the culmination of meticulous design with our handleless milk pitcher, one of Normcore’s most thoroughly developed products. Crafted from 1mm thick premium stainless steel, it features a Teflon finish that offers both durability and a safeguard against the heat from steaming milk. The silicone sleeve enhances grip, providing a secure and balanced feel. With multiple refinements from the tip design to texture, this pitcher is perfect for baristas at all levels and in various settings—be it home, office, or a commercial kitchen. Available in two sizes to meet your specific needs, it’s the ultimate espresso accessory for latte perfection.

• Heat-resistant silicone grip
• Teflon finish for a premium quality
• 1mm thickness premium stainless steel
• Pitcher feels secure and balanced in the hand
• Material: Stainless Steel with double-coated Teflon for extra durability and to prevent scratches

• Capacity: 450ml / 15.2 oz
• Weight: 215g
• Dimensions: W 7.8 x D 8.3 x H 10.8cm

• Capacity: 600ml / 20.3 oz
• Weight: 267g
• Dimensions: W9 x D8.8 x H 11.8cm

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