Normcore Espresso Filter Paper Sheets

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The Normcore Espresso Filter Paper is designed to fit in the brew basket to help mitigate channeling. This in turn enhances your extraction yields and facilitates a more even extraction. It’s precision cut to match the bottom of your portafilter flawlessly. Ideal for those who prefer lighter roasted coffees for their espresso, or anyone striving for the perfect shot with their espresso machine.

Increased Extraction – The filter paper, positioned on the top and bottom, aids in dispersing water more evenly across the puck, which may help prevent channeling.

Consistent Filtration – Operating on a similar principle as the puck screen, it’s designed to emulate the water flow distribution of a stainless steel puck screen, ensuring a better distribution of water flow.

Simple to Use – Avoids direct contact between the puck and the machine shower head, making cleanup simpler. Post-brew, they can be easily disposed of in the trash, or better yet, composted.

Enhanced Coffee Experience – Made from Japanese natural virgin pulp with no chemicals involved, for a clearer espresso shot. Comes with a Coffee Filter Box to help place and retrieve filters with ease.


Diameter: 58.5mm / 55mm / 53.3mm / 51mm
Filtration Mesh Size: 0.17mm thick
Crafted from food-safe premium paper pulp sourced from Japan.

200 – Normcore Espresso Filter Paper


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