mill-one Definite Manual Coffee Grinder

3.395 NOK

The mill-one ”definite” is a high quality all stainless steel grinder with a diameter of Ø 60 mm. The grinder has a fine-step (25µm) scaled bottom adjustment, you can grind the coffee exactly for your needs.  The capacity of the grinder is approx. 45 g coffee.

mill·one is consistently ecological – Durable, sustainable, value-added, and harmless materials.

mill·one is consistently economic – With a focus on performance, quality, and value, the European produced grinder is designed to offer great value for the cost.

mill·one is consistently functional – Unique feel/grip, easy to operate, excellent grinding results and unique fine adjustment.  The grinder can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

mill·one is consistently aesthetic – The clean minimalist design sets the grinder apart.

Technical data:

  • The grinder is made entirely of stainless steel,
  • Precission-manufactured hardened grind burrs.
  • Two stainless steel micro ball bearings ensure low-friction, stable rotation of the grinder.
  • Cover made of PMMA GS,
  • Sealing ring made of EPDM FDA,
  • Twist Off screw cap made of tinplate with blueseal® seal.
  • Collection glass made of soda lime glass,
  • Turn knob made of domestic solid wood
  • Fine-step grinder adjustment with numbered dial for easy reference
  • Grinding degree range includes over 80 micro adjustment levels, allowing you to brew everything from espresso to french press

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