KaffeBox Wood Camping Mug

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Norwegian style wooden KaffeBox trail mug designed by Eagle Products of Norway

Designed with inspiration from Norwegian mountain dairy farms, this wood cup is very durable and is a great cup for camping, trail blazing or a picnic in the park.  It is light, easy to carry and super durable.  This is the cup you can hang on the outside of your bag for easy access or throw in the bottom of your pack on a quick trip in the woods.

Brewers tip: You can brew directly into the large cup with an Aeropress 👌

Helpful hints:
The cup is oil-treated and will not transfer any flavors to your tasty coffee beverage.  It should be periodically treated with a simple cooking oil to prevent cracking.  Simply wipe the cup down with the oil and wipe the oil off with a clean cloth.  It is best not to leave liquid in the cup for an extended amount of time.

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