KaffeBox Mystery Box – 250g

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Grab a great deal on a great bag of beans from this month’s KaffeBox shipment. The roast date on the coffee will be the end of the previous month (never more than 65 days off roast). The deep discount is simply because the coffee is further off roast than our regular shipments. The coffee still tastes great (often a few weeks resting period is beneficial for fresh roast) and should still be considered fresh – it simply isn’t as fresh as what we ship out in the subscription.

The coffee you receive will be a surprise. Most often it will be from the featured roaster – the same coffee shipped in the monthly KaffeBox, but we often also have a few bags from other roasters as well. As a thanks to our members, you will receive free shipping if you are an active KaffeBox subscriber (within Norway) and reasonable shipping fees world wide.

If you want some chocolate with your coffee, you can get a great deal on a mystery chocolate box here

Chocolate Mystery Box

Grab an awesome deal on our craft chocolate bars that are close to their best-before date. If a chocolate bar has 30 days or less until it expires, it goes into our mystery box. We think the chocolate still tastes fantastic, so this is your chance to snag some delicious chocolate at a great price.

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