KaffeBox Mystery Box – 250g

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Grab a great deal on a great bag of beans from this month’s KaffeBox shipment. The roast date on the coffee will be the end of the previous month (never more than 45 days off roast). The deep discount is simply because the coffee is a couple weeks off roast. The coffee still tastes great and should still be considered fresh – it simply isn’t as fresh as what we ship out in the subscription.

The coffee you receive will be a surprise. Most often it will be from the featured roaster – the same coffee shipped in the monthly KaffeBox, but we often also have a few bags from Solberg & Hansen, Jacobsen Svart and Supreme Roastworks. As a thanks to our members, you will receive free shipping if you are an active KaffeBox subscriber (within Norway) and reasonable shipping fees world wide.

If you want some chocolate with your coffee, you can get a great deal on a mystery chocolate box here

Free shipping within Norway for customers with active KaffeBox subscription

Tres Hombres 40% with sea salt

The cocoa beans for this special bar are taken with wind power from the Caribbean with the Sailing ship the Tres Hombres of Fairtransport Shipping and brought to the quay of Amsterdam. By eating this chocolate you support the Tres Hombres and choose sustainable transport!

Since 2009, the motorless sailing ship Tres Hombres has braved the Atlantic Ocean to get the finest cocoa beans from the Caribbean. With the sailing ship the Tres Hombres they sail completely at wind power to the Dominican Republic; there they get our beans. The combination with sea salt completes the taste sensation of this bar: sea, salt, and flavors from far away places! Try it with the Tres Hombres rum, a unique taste experience!

Bar weight: 85g

Gorilla Bar Pure 68%

Dark chocolate made with Forastero cocoa beans from  Congo - Virunga National Park

This chocolate is made from Virunga cocoa! By eating this chocolate you protect the gorillas and offer the residents a better future!

The last mountain gorillas live in the Virunga National Park in Eastern Congo. To combat damage to their habitat by humans, cocoa has been planted on the edge of the park. The cocoa provides the residents with extra income so that they do not threaten the habitat of the gorillas.

Bar weight: 85g

Awajun Pure 80% - Chocolate Makers

Bio Fairtrade Dark chocolate made with Criollo cocoa beans from Peru - Amazon

The cocoa of this bar is grown by the Awajun Indians. The Awajun are traditional hunters and gatherers and live in the jungle of the  Amazon rainforest in northeastern Peru . Cocoa originates from the rainforests of the Amazon. This Criollo cocoa comes directly from the cocoa soil.

With the income from this organic cocoa, the Awajun Indians can make a living and they are not forced to earn money by selling or cutting wood for agriculture and livestock. This bar contributes to the conservation of the tropical rainforest and the development of sustainable cultivation of cocoa.

Bar weight: 85g

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