Impuls Sealer

3.695 NOK

Achieve a secure and consistent seal for your pouches with the Impuls Sealer. This entry-level, manual-operated sealer is designed for sealing smaller quantities of standing bags, ensuring products remain protected against external influences. With its user-friendly design, it’s perfect for sealing 2-layer and 3-layer materials, making it a versatile addition to your packaging process.

Feature List:

  • Sealer Size: 200mm
  • Function: Low budget impuls sealer
  • Applications:
    • Block bottom bags (Kraft paper / CPP)
    • CPP bags
    • PE / PE bags
  • Seal Seam: 2 mm (not as wide as the “constant heat sealer” which has seams of 10 mm)
  • Materials: Suitable for sealing 3-layer materials, depending on material thickness and sealing frequency.

Note: For larger quantities, a constant heat sealer is recommended. The impuls sealer’s wear sensitivity of the sealing wires should be considered when sealing 3-layer materials frequently.

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