Hutchinson Le Joint Français Silicone Food Safe Grease

495 NOK

Food grade silicone grease for repairing espresso machines and other kitchen appliances which may come in contact with food.

The Hutchinson Le Joint Français IKV-TRIBOSTAR SSI 1203 TF Grease is like a super-tough cream made from thick silicone oil and a special thickener. It’s really good at handling high heat, stays strong against water and steam, and doesn’t get messed up by stuff like acetone, glycol, glycerine, or alcohol. You can use it to keep seals and gaskets smooth, to help plastic parts in faucets and valves work better, to keep glass equipment watertight, and even in food-making stuff. It’s also great for electrical insulation. This grease plays well with almost all plastics, metals, rubbery stuff, seals, and gaskets, except for those with silicones in them.

It’s white, made with silicone oil and an inorganic thickener. It stays stable up to 300°C and doesn’t freeze until it hits -45°C.


Great type: Silicone
Product Form: Paste
Package Type: Tube
Package Size: 100g
Food Processing Safe: Yes
Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°C


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