Honduras El Beneficio Washed – Green Coffee Beans

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Coffee has always been present in Jose’s life as a side job. He had to work at various places to support his family and save money, which allowed him to buy more land to continue growing coffee.

The sale of this micro-lot has enabled him to continue buying land for coffee and also improve his equipment on the farm. “I do the best possible maintenance on my farm, cleaning and pruning. I also use organic fertilizer on my farm, I also add 12-24-12 fertilizer and nitrate. We only harvest the ripe coffee cherries and look for the optimal ripening point.” Jose takes great care of his coffee to continue growing in volume while working to get the best possible quality out of the coffee.

Taste notes: Peach, Nectarine, sweet lemon
Origin: El Beneficio, Honduras
Variety: Catuai
Process: Washed
Bag size: 250g
These are green unroasted coffee beans.  You’ll need to roast them before you can use them to make a delicious cup of coffee!

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