Friis-Holm Chuno Double Turned 70%

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Chuno 70% cocoa double turned chocolate
Dark chocolate made from Chuno cocoa beans from Nicaragua

Taste notes: Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter.
Awards: Bean-To-Bar Silver – Intern. Chocolate Awards , Regional Gold – Intern. Chocolate Awards , Regional Silver – Intern. Chocolate Awards , World Bronze – Intern. Chocolate Awards , World Silver – Intern. Chocolate Awards
Fruity aromas of: cassis
Chocolate aromas: dark creamy , strong , chocolaty
Bean-To-Bar Chocolate , Single Origin Chocolate , Single Origin Chocolate
pure chocolate , chocolate with sugar
Direct Trade Chocolate, Fair Trade Chocolate

The chocolate is made from Criollo/Trinitario varieties found on three isolated farms in northern Nicaragua at 300-800m above sea level. The taste is simple, without rough edges, classic with balanced acidity and explicit notes of black olives and lemon zest. The beans were rotated twice during the 5-day fermentation to aerate, resulting in a lighter, nuttier flavor with hints of spice. Try the “Triple Turned” chocolate in comparison, the difference is hard to believe.

Mikkel Friis-Holm: “All our cocoa is sourced ethically and directly from small farmers.”

The Chuno 70% cacao double turned pure dark chocolate won Europe Gold at the International Chocolate Awards 2015 .

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