Flair Preheat Controller with Elbow Connector

495 NOK

Upgrade and activate the electric capabilities of your Flair 58x with the Preheat Controller with Elbow Connector & Flair Power Supply (sold separately). If you’ve been brewing off-grid with your Flair 58x, but are yearning for the convenience of electric preheat control, look no further. All Flair 58x sold after May of 2023 are electric enabled, meaning all you need to do is plug in this Preheat Controller to get access to Flair’s three-tiered preheat system.

Choose between 85 degrees, 90 degrees or 95 degrees celsius, which roughly correlates to the brew temperatures for dark, medium and light roasts respectively. Set your desired preheat, get alerted when the brew head is ready, and enjoy the topnotch workflow that the Flair 58 Preheat system affords you.

*Only compatible with electric enabled Flair 58x, sold after May of 2023. 

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