Flair Low Heat Temperature Strip

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With a range between 25-65°C The Flair low-heat temperature strip is the perfect companion to your milk steaming pitcher.  For espresso-based drinks such as cappuccino or latte, the ideal temperature for milk is 60°C.  Using a temperature guide, you’ll have the confidence that your milk is at the ideal temperature every time.  To use: Stick the temperature strip onto a metal or glass steaming pitcher and achieve the perfect temperature of milk every time.

As the gauge warms to the response temperature, the window starts with a tan or reddish-brown and continues to change to green.
  • TAN window is above actual temperature reading
  • GREEN window is actual temperature reading
  • BLUE window is below actual temperature reading
  • Moisture Resistant: Self-Adhesive Backing
  • Estimated Shelf Life of Adhesive: 2 yrs, but will vary depending on application and use

Dimensions: 1.27×5.7cm

Includes: One temperature strip (steaming pitcher not included)

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