Flair 58+ Manual Espresso Maker

8.750 NOK

The Flair 58+ provides a premium barista experience with a full 58mm portafilter and upragded design features, compared to the Flair 58 & Flair 58x models.

The Flair 58 Plus, the latest premium offering from Flair Espresso, builds upon the foundation of the original Flair 58 model, but adds a touch of elegance with walnut accents adorning the portafilter, t-grip, and palm tamper. This model also boasts a unique branding that sets it apart.

An innovative feature of the Flair 58+ is its preheat system, which offers three distinct settings: low, medium, and high. These settings correspond to the brewing temperatures required for dark, medium, and light roasts, respectively. For those with a penchant for travel, the Flair 58+ comes with a detachable preheat controller, enabling you to brew espresso wherever you are, even off-grid.

The Flair 58+ is characterized by its dark motif screws and comes with both of Flair’s portafilter baskets – high and low-flow. This ensures that home baristas have all the tools they need to control their brew.

Experience a new standard in home espresso with the Flair 58+, where pulling the lever elevates your expectations.

Key upgrades:

  • Included articulating mirror
  • Walnut portafilter
  • Dark motif screws
  • Custom branding
  • High & low flow baskets
  • Walnut palm tamper

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