Flair 3-in-1 58mm Portafilter

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Check this out, it’s Flair’s 3-in-1 58mm portafilter. It comes with a single and double spout, as well as a rotating portafilter floor.

Sure, brewing with a typical bottomless 58mm portafilter is good, but sometimes it’s not exactly what you need. For instance, when you’re trying to whip up a fast-flow drink like an allonge or turbo shot, things can get a bit messy. Or, say, you want to split an espresso shot between two cups for you and a buddy? Standard spouted portafilters can be a headache when you’re trying to get the spouts just right to pour into two cups.

This is where our 3-in-1 portafilter shines. With it, you can go bottomless when you’re trying to perfect your shot or simply want to appreciate your brew’s beauty with a shot mirror. If it’s just you and you’d rather not deal with a clean-up mission, use the single spout. And when you’re playing host to fellow coffee lovers, the double spout comes in handy, sans any mess or spray.

In the package, you’ll find one bottomless portafilter, one rotating base, and a pair of single and double spout attachments. The base fits snugly, but is easily removable by pushing down from the inside, and installed by pushing up from the bottom. The spouts? They screw on and off easily.

Do note, though, that the package doesn’t include a portafilter basket.

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